An insight into various types of logos


10th December, 2016
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Logos are commonly associated with the brand image of a company. There are different variations in logo designing, according to the need of the situation. Companies customize their logos as per their profile, and when perfectly designed by a professional freelance graphics designer, a logo speaks of the brand image of the company. Here are some commonly incorporated logo designs that passionate logo designers need to know.


Badge based logos:  Badge based logos are common with car companies and other corporate firms. They convey the utmost professionalism and culture. These logos by designer freelancer Dubai signify high brand value.


Type based logos: Typographic variations can create stunning logo designs. The shape, size, outlook, and appearance of the alphabets can create a good degree of innovation. These logos signify the name of the company. Take the logo of Google for an instance. Thus, you can experiment with various font types to create stunning logos.


Abstract logos: These logos are used by companies in Dubai which look out for innovativeness in their corporate identity design. However, a lot of research needs to be done before crafting these logos. The identity of the company is conveyed to a greater number of people through these logos. Abstract logos can be alphabets, graphics or a sheer blend of the two.


Initial based logos: Well knows brands like Honda use the initials of their company names to design their logos. It is somewhat like an acronym that symbolizes the brand when it comes to creating branding graphic design in Dubai. It carries a sense of enriched brand culture when perfectly designed. These logos can be sleek and tiny or carry well-designed intricate work.



Symbol based logos: When companies look out for greater symbolic value, they go for symbolic brand logo designs. These are in lines with the motto of the company or their USP. It can also be based on certain things or objects related to the brand. Take the example of Puma, for instance.


Evidently, you can associate each category with the brand when the choice of logos is sound.