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Website Maintenance

Is there anything more embarrassing for an online business than a prospective buyer asking for a rate that he/she happened to notice on the outdated website of that business? What if your customer tries to place an order for an item/ service that you are not offering any more? The website of your business has to be state-of-the-art with a wide-ranging portfolio of items and services, news, and also events. Nevertheless, to keep any website regularly updated is a daunting task and its success is largely dependent on a person/ a squad committed to the maintenance and running of the site. This is where we as the perfect website maintenance services in Dubai arrives for your help.

The Dubai website maintenance services that we offer are custom packages for website maintenance that one can avail on an hourly /monthly basis, and such packages are custom-made for the requirements of your business.

The services that we offer

•    Updates of Word Press plug-ins along with software updates

•    Refreshing of the images all over the site

•    The addition of current pages of content

•    The carrying out of content changes (policies, pricing, events, calendar items, target progress, promotions, and all that)

•    The addition of calls to action on every single page of the website

•    The addition of or Updating of contact forms

•    Item updates/ item loading on Ecommerce website

•    The creation of blogs and posting them on the site

•    The redirection of web pages

•    The addition or deletion of Email Addresses

•    Carrying out backups of websites and databases on a routine basis

•   We have the potentail to offer  any and every other thing that your website could be requiring

Why choose us- the best website maintenance company Dubai?

Fast turnaround time

We are upbeat – We keep an eye on your website. We execute any work that is serious in nature, an example of which is a security patch /version update, right away. Our experts at website maintenance agency Dubai forward you a ticket for Items that are not so critical for your consent ahead of getting them done.

We’re conversant – We can appoint technically capable and verified web developers as our process of screening and selecting them is flawless.

We’re friendly, and we always listen to what our clients have to say