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HTML Online banner is the Google’s new obsession which has superseded flash!! Remember, those colourful flash banners that would flicker on the site. You had grown accustomed to flash banners but HTML 5 banner development is now inevitable. How to work your way around this challenge?

By hiring someone who is well versed with the intricacies of the new responsive banner system and have proven track record of delivering compelling results for clients!

Being a freelance online banner designer with nearly a decade of experience in digital campaign, I can help.

You may be wondering how!

Well, by making a bold statement of your products/ services through animated banners that would float seamlessly on the site and inspiring prospects subliminally to subscribe.

HTML Ads: Monetize on Google’s new banner system

Ride on my back! Literally so. As an online banner designer, I have built robust systems for DEWA, Cadillac, CBI Bank, Emaar, Canon and other prestigious brands and they have been reaping rich dividends from explosive digital campaigns.

Have cool ideas materialized for you.  Let your offer ease in and out of the page with amazing transitions and command the appreciation, attention and loyalty of viewers.

I will have outstanding banners delivered at your brand’s doorsteps in minutes so that you can gain that essential head start on your adversaries.  Integration of the lively and alluring banners with your site would not be an issue. My experience and expertise as an animated html banner designer will come good in making you stamp an unforgettable image of your web presence in the psyche of prospects.

I am not a narcissist. I will make things happen for you technically and you will see the benefits trickle in within minutes of implementations. Your investment would not go down the drain. Pose your trust on my skills and intuitions and see your brand take off in a feisty manner.

You cannot turn a blind eye to the latest developments. All browsers have stopped extending support for flash based banner ads and have migrated to the amazingly new and promising HTML5 Banner.

Let’s forge a strategic alliance and steal the march over others.