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26th October, 2016
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Flyers and brochures have long been a part and parcel of advertisement strategies of companies. As a professional graphic designer Dubai, I observe that real estate firms have increasingly become reliant on flyers as a mechanism for branding and marketing.

A flawless flyer delivers more message than just the sales pitch. It moulds the ideological moorings of your customers, infusing a sensation of refined brand image among them. With competition increasing in real estate business, using right strategies and bets marketing materials can surely be helpful to stay ahead of your competitors. This is where a marketing material designer in Dubai has roles to play.

Here are some tips that you might find useful when you design real estate flyers.

Amplify the hallmarks:
When it comes to property, people look out for unique features optimised for them. Rather than attaching more importance to your brand and the corporate identity design, you should focus on the property because your prospects are obviously more interested in the property. You should be able to convey the strategic edge of your housing complex over others in a limited space, incorporating a few crispy words, infographics and sophisticated images.

Keep it tidy:
Avoid junk designs as much as possible; this is what expert flyer designers in Dubai do. High-end clients have good tastes for housing, and they prefer to go through neat and clean pages. You can finish off the graphics with two to three colours. Avoid overlapping and overcrowding with the texts and images. This what always a digital designer freelance in Dubai focusses on without fail.

Allocate space judicially:
There are clauses, logos and features that you need to include in the flyers. When you craft the flyer, make sure that these vital elements get desired attention. Personally, as a freelance digital expert in Dubai I believe that clients bank on trusted companies with elegant leaflets that carry your weightage.

Let graphics speak more than words:
When you look into real estate flyer designs, you can switch to the ‘photos speak more than words’ policy. Embed the graphics well, so that there is a compatibility with the entire setting. Rather than putting more burden on copywriter Dubai, let the designing aptitudes do the most of it.

Ensure visual pleasure:
Never try to create eye-jerks with the flyers; people hate it. Choose a cool background colour which can shoulder the other colour shades. The right choice of colours will make it a treat to go through.

If you need flyers for high-end clients, get in touch with me, and I have a long experience to support you at most affordable freelance graphic design rates. Having worked with many brands from diversified locations, I can guarantee you best outcomes.