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26th October, 2016
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Visual compatibility is one of the most important arenas when it comes to magazine designing. Being a freelance graphic designer in Dubai, I feel that the visual elements need to be tailored and refined according to the genre of a particular magazine.

In fact, readers are inclined to visuals when they seek the perfect cup of tea. Only if the visuals please them to create a first impression, they will proceed towards reading the actual matter.  While designing a magazine, let it be of any time, you need to follow a chain of organised processes. Here are certain steps you should follow when you design a magazine.

Choose the theme:
The process of magazine designing by a freelance designer Dubai begins with the choice of theme. Accordingly, you need to craft the graphics and infographics. Only then, the work will proceed with a direction.

Choose the title:
The title has multiple functions. It acts as a tagline, streamlining your brand. It also acts as a window for the contextual elements of the specific edition. Title font and all other related aspects must be chosen with absolute care.

Choose the cover article:
Make a detailed research while choosing the cover article. You need to craft a matching design when you plan for the images on the cover. All these aspects need to be pre-planned. The cover image has to be compatible with the font and infographics you are using.

Design the masthead:
The masthead conveys the flavour of your brand to your readers. Learn to play with fonts, colours and sizes of letters when it comes to the masthead. You can match it up with the cover article of a specific edition.

Include images:
As a professional graphic designer Dubai, I feel that you should be innovative with the choice and incorporation of the cover images, so as to attain optimum innovative edge. Make sure that nothing turns out to be drab to the target audience.

Incorporate thumbnails:
When you have finished choosing the graphics, texts and fonts, opt for perfect thumbnails. Adjust the opacity according to the need of the situation.

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