What not to do in logo designing?


9th December, 2016
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Original logo designing plays a major role in branding and marketing. A typical logo designer Dubai try to be unfairly innovative to create stunning designs for different companies. However, there are some common mistakes that show up in the logos. In order to get innovative logos, experimentation is quite natural. Here are some flaws that often appear in logo designing and if you are an ambitious logo designer Dubai involved in creation of logo and branding, you need to keep your eyes open for these flaws.

Avoid using too many fonts

You might think that it looks quite inventive when you combine many fonts in a logo. In reality, it is far from this ideology. Too many fonts make the logo look cluttered up. There is little breathing space between the images and texts if you use more than two font variations. In fact, one bold and bright font is ideal for a conspicuous image. Thus, it will produce good visual compatibility.

Avoid incorporating too many colours

Like fonts, excessive use of colours will also be detrimental to the looks of the brand logo design. You might go for a rainbow theme using various colour blends, but it will turn out to be a flop. The best way is to go for a solid colour background with a few more colours that make the logo look vibrant and prominent.

Do not ignore effects

Visual effects deliver a classy look even to very common logos. So, you may opt for a simple drop shadow or gradient for a logo. There are various effects that can be incorporated using software and editing tools. You need to go for the trial and error method and find out which effect goes well with the logo.

Thus, you will find the logo to be novel, dynamic and eye-pleasing. It will have an inherent appeal in itself. Simple yet experimental brand logos are ideal for companies looking out for exposure.