Tips for conversion-oriented HTML 5 banners


25th August, 2016
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Tips for conversion-oriented HTML 5 banners

Mobile websites are growing in number very rapidly for better Smartphone experience and this is why HTML5 banners designed by HTML5 designer Dubai  are the most popular medium for the advertisers to engage the target audience. Rich media plays a big role in heightening the click-through rate of the banner ads and with HTML5 the enthusiasm in mobile advertising in increasing. HTML5 can be utilized to incorporate various interactive elements including content, music, video and games in the banners to attract viewers. Here is why conversion-oriented HTML 5 banners are the best:

Flaunt creativity – Rich media display online ads render banner designers Dubai and marketers the scope to be creative and explore the new formats. It’s time to grab the change.

Better engagement – Marketers love to experience higher levels of engagement when it comes to rich media ads. So, this is awesome news for brand engagement. Viewer’s interaction is a new occurrence in online display marketing. So, marketers need to find out ways of measuring success of these advanced ad formats.

More CTR and Ad views – HTML5 banners improve the CTR and Ad views when compared to usual banners by banner designing companies Dubai.

Reach audience in different ways – Audiences from different segments engage with different media formats. Some love videos and some text but rich format helps in effective communication via preferable formats.

More tracking of data – It’s possible to collect and track more data from the HTML5 banner ads than usual banners. You can view the impressions generated and the CTR.

HTML5 banners cut through banner blindness and is a whole new chapter in display advertising. Flash is basically dead and HTML5 is a great news for the online advertising in Dubai display segment. HTML5 is use to build rich media banner ads for driving engagement and more traffic to your website. HTML5 is the solution for banners in a post-flash arena.